Stephanie Heiliger

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Stephanie Heiliger
Department Mathematics
House STEM
Joined 2016
Education Northeastern State University, BS in Mathematics Education; University of Oklahoma, Master’s of Science in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
Why TSAS? I believe every student is capable of succeeding in mathematics. It is my goal to encourage students in their ability and hopefully help them to find a love of mathematics.
Interesting Fact I have two beautiful children that both have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Algebra II

Algebra II students are ready to learn: quadratic functions and applications; polynomial functions and applications; exponential and logarithmic functions and applications, rational and radical functions; probability, data analysis and statistics; and sequence and series.

Liberal Arts

Personal Finance

Personal Finance covers the basics of how to responsibly handle finances during and after high school. This course will cover budgeting, joining the work force, taxes, checking accounts, saving money, credit, insurance, and investing. This course is designed to be a broad overview of knowledge that will promote good personal finances.

Career & College
Fine Arts
Liberal Arts


Pre-Calculus takes the concepts and skills from Algebra II and extends both depth and application. Calculus is the mathematical study of continuous change. This class will provide an introduction to some foundational Calculus concepts and should prepare you for any College Algebra course as well to go on into Calculus.



Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships involving lengths and angles of triangles. Trig students are ready to learn: trigonometric functions, trigonometric graphs and identities, advanced forms of geometry, and real world applications.