Photography II

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Photography II
Department Visual Arts
Teacher Cheyenne Butcher
Sessions 1
Prerequisites Photography I
GR Code FA
Offered 20-21
Open to Sophomores
Required by Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

This is a portfolio photography class.
Refine your film developing and darkroom-printing skills as you deepen the creative aspects of your camera work. In this course, you will also explore the art of visual communication and ways to use photography as a fine art design element. Students will present their artwork to the class for exhibition and criticism. You'll deepen the creative aspects of your camera work and develop portfolio-ready pieces. We recommend that you bring your own film camera but class cameras will be available for check out. Returning students will expand on their darkroom skills; they will develop a portfolio of their images and learn to manipulate their images in the darkroom. Advanced students can introduce digital photography into their creative process.