Jeffery Donaldson

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Jeffery Donaldson
Department Language Arts
House Career & College
Joined 2018
Education Oral Roberts University, B.A. in English Literature
Why TSAS? I prize the value TSAS places on a liberal arts education and their mission to help all students achieve their personal goals.
Interesting Fact My teaching career began in China in 1987. Three years later, at the American Academy in Istanbul, Turkey, I adopted my life’s motto: “I want to dance with the whole world!” I have been devoted to my partner in life for nearly 30 years, the last 18 of those in our little home on the river bend near downtown Tulsa.

AP English Literature and Composition

This is a college-level literature course which explores a variety of the world’s great literature. It prepares students to take the AP Literature exam which, if passed, counts for college credit. The course involves intensive reading, writing, and discussion.

Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Critical Communication

As the culmination of their language studies, students read challenging and diverse material and are also given freedom to choose their own topics of inquiry. Students will write essays and other short works, both fiction and non-fiction, for each section with the goal of creating arguments that synthesize their readings, discussions, and research and clarify their individual ideas about each theme/topic.

Career & College

Overseas Odyssey

(O-Squared) — preparation for travel abroad to become more aware of one's place in the world. The course curriculum will focus on The Netherlands as a Spring Break 2019 destination (with a day-trip to Bruges). Immersions in art, literature, culture, and history will inform class instruction. To prepare for bike-friendly explorations in Amsterdam, Harlem, De Hoge Veluwe, and Bruges, students will also develop biking skills. Participation in fundraising efforts will be expected. The goal is affordability for all interested 11th/12th graders who are in good academic standing to enjoy a 9-day epic journey abroad in March 2019.