Filament Diameter

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While the filament we purchase comes marked with a diameter, this will often be slightly off from the correct measurement. When preparing a model to print, it is important to give the most accurate diameter to the Slicer, so that the printer can calculate the correct extrusion speed for your filament.

Color Identifier Diameter
Black Dec 2017 1.72
Red Dec 2017 1.85
Blue 2017 1.73
White 2016 1.72
Yellow 2016 1.73
Green OLD 1.74
Glow OLD 1.7

To catalog a new spool of filament, use a set of calipers to measure the diameter of the filament in at least three different places, then calculate the average. Write the month and year measured (eg: "Dec 2017") on the spool near the label, to allow for easy identification in the future. Record the color, identifying label, and average diameter into the table on this page for reference purposes. Simply copy one of the existing lines in the editor, and paste it at the top of the list, below the first line.