Cataloging Plan

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(add as needs arise)

Immediate Steps

  • Workflow for looking up BISAC codes, standards for altering as necessary.
  • Reading list: [1] [2] [3]

Secondary Needs

  • MARC field 850 requires second indicator 2 for alternative enumerations. (That is, records with more than one numbering scheme.) This need may arise if we decide to future-proof our fiction-by-genre endeavor.
  • Koha label templates [4] Done with Dymo software, but:
    • Clean up Koha->Excel->Dymo software workflow

Completed Steps

  • Remove genre-related shelving location codes and replace Dewey number with relevant code. The item metadata should read:
Current location Collection Call number
High school library Science Fiction SciFi R4951 1976
  • Fiction/nonfiction division
    • This may be genrefying fiction and arranging by author, or using a complete BISAC system Nonfiction will fall under Dewey, fiction BISAC.
    • Nonfiction makes sense under a shortened Dewey system; we can use the spacers "'" and "/" to reduce digits to the tenths place Done.
  • Map copyright year to call number? Done. See Koha:Cataloging#Edit_MARC_Records 082 04 $b.
  • We will begin with the nonfiction works, as we will be using DDC to catalog them. When adding items (not records!), pull the numbers after the first spacer to reduce call number size. As a section becomes too large, we can add the information from the record. Nonfiction complete!
  • Graphic novels in place by subject, or in a special location? GNs in their own area.
  • Signage for Dewey orientation. So help me if there is a Dewey pun on any.