Angela Hudson

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Angela Hudson
Department Language Arts
House Career & College
Joined 2013
Education Oklahoma State University
Why TSAS? As I entered the field of education, I knew I wanted to teach in an environment that nurtured the student as a whole person rather than just a statistic. TSAS is the embodiment of all I believe education to be: individually focused and community minded.
Interesting Fact I read magazines backward.

AP English Language and Composition

AP Lang is a three-session course that focuses on language as a persuasive tool and is designed to develop students’ ability to utilize and analyze rhetorical appeals, techniques, and devices in various media.

Fine Arts
Liberal Arts

Critical Writing

Critical Writing is a two-session 10th grade English course designed to help students understand practical approaches to critical analysis, research, and the application of critical thinking to reading and writing.

Career & College

Language & Food

Food and Culture is a single session course that explores the role of food in many cultures through reading, writing, film, and personal experience. In addition to written assignments and research presentations, students will be engaging in some cooking and sharing of food.

Native American Literature

A study of Native American literature allows the reader to explore an overlooked and underappreciated piece of our collective heritage. This single-trimester elective will look at Native texts chronologically, both fiction and nonfiction, and the cultural and historical environments that produced them. Reading intensive course with some writing and presentations.