SketchUp on a Chromebook

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  1. Log in with your email address
  2. Go to your mail box, then click the Google Apps button: inline
  3. Click "More" at the bottom, then inline
  4. See Stallings if there is not a SketchUp option, but ensure first that you are using your email
3D Print Training Series
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Laser Training Series
Next up: Drawing your design


  1. Select the search button inline
  2. Type and choose "Parallel Projection." This will make your drawing one-dimensional
  3. Search again for "Top" to display your image from the correct orientation
  4. Choose the tools on the left side, then select the instructor button for more information inline
    • When creating a circle, select the centerpoint, then release the mouse and type in the diameter you want
    • When creating a square, select a corner, then drag in the direction you want and type in the dimensions, e.g. 11",12" or 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 9 3/4", 12 7/8"

Export for Laser Cutting

  1. Under the file menu, choose "Export," then "DXF," then "2D"
  2. Choose 1:1, leave all other options as default
  3. Press "Export" at the bottom
  4. Wait a moment, then a download option will appear at the top
  5. Put this file on a thumb drive, or save to your Google Drive, to import to the laser software
If your design has been rotated, repeat steps 2 & 3 of the Drawing section to realign. You'll also need to draw a random shape then delete to force it to re-save.

Want to start building? Head to 3D Printing Badge to make your first project, or 3D Model Sources to download one made by someone else!