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Digital Prairie

List of resources, including Explora (age-relevant materials), hobby and craft reference center (knit, sew, crochet patterns, recipes), and poetry and short story reference center.

Research databases
EBSCOSearch is available on school grounds; talk to Stallings for the password if you'd like to use it at home.

General Scholarship



  • PLOS, Public Library of Science, nonprofit publisher of scholarly works and academic papers
  • BioRxiv, biology research
  • SocArXiv, sociology research
  • arXiv, open access to 1,180,311 e-prints in physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics
  • PeerJ, peer-reviewed, open-access articles on life-, bio-, health sciences and computer science


Bibliographies are tertiary resources, providing a list of resources on a specific topic. They do not often include the resources themselves, but aid the researcher in understanding the scope of the topic within the literature. Citations given may be found in the resources above, the library, or Google Scholar.

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