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A resource website, gallery and poetry demonstration, that was all transferred and adapted into a website that can be freely explored by the user. The resources include legal and health services for those who do not have documentation, but also include local Mexican-owned businesses to support. Also includes an anonymous interview with someone willing to share their story about crossing the border.

Visit Hard Working Hands for more information.

Alejandra Viridiana Guzman 2020
House Liberal Arts House
Advisor Rogelio Contreras
Plans RN, Medical-Surgical
Advice Be prepared for anything and no matter the lack of motivation, there is always something to look forward to.
Type Portfolio

How It Began

An interactive project that includes resources for people without insurance or documentation that may need to reach out, all of the resources listed will have bilingual services available, it would also include, artwork and a photo gallery.

How It Changed

I made everything available to the public online and made a media out of it. It was actually better than I imagined and far more accessible.


I learned to tackle my computer better. I learned how to make a website and that was not really what I had in mind, but I came out with a better outcome from this. It was trial and error.