MLA Format

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1 Author. The author will be alphabetized, so use Last, First organization.
2 Title of source. The title of the work you are writing about, or the source of the information you are quoting.
3 Title of container, The container contains your work. Sometimes a website, sometimes a book, sometimes there is no container. In that case, leave it blank.
4 Other contributors, Other contributors may be editors, adapters. narrators, performers, and translators. Write what they did before their name here.
5 Version, The version is rarely used, but may be an edition, a director’s cut, or a version of a textbook.
6 Number, May be a volume of a multivolume set, or a volume and issue of a journal, an issue of a comic book, or a season and episode of a TV show.
7 Publisher, The publisher of a book is found on the copyright page, the publisher of a website may be a government or organization, and a series is published by a production company.
8 Publication date, Publication date is the date the work was released. For books, it is the copyright date. For blogs, the date it was posted. Formatted day, mon. year. (12 Dec. 2013)
9 Location. Location is the location of the information in the resource. This may be page numbers in a book or journal, or a website URL. Journal articles use a DOI.