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TSAS currently has two 3D printers: a Printrbot Play and a Prusa i3 clone Anet A8. Technical information on our PrintrBot Play is here, and info on the Anet A8 is here.

How to Build a Model and 3D Print in 5 Steps

  1. Install Sketchup and extensions
  2. Build the 3D Printing Badge
  3. Slice the badge
  4. Print it!
  5. Watch it print!

Further Printing

  1. Find a model, or make one. We can currently print up to 4" x 4" x 5" models on the PrintrBot. The Extruder prints up to 8" x 8" x 8" when fully operational.
  2. Download the Anet A8 Cura settings here
  3. Be sure to share your designs and creations in the Gallery!

Printing Rules

  • You may not print objects subject to trademark or copyright law
  • There is no charge to print original objects (those created by you) or those used for a class
  • Objects created by another artist not used for class cost $1.00 per hour of printing time
  • No weapons, including blades or firearms (including non-working replicas) may be printed
  • No object that would violate the student code of conduct may be printed

External Links

Other Tools

If you use these, tell us! We are always looking for better workflows.

  • Tinkercad the recommended online tool for beginners
  • MakerCAM, a very simple CAM program